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Letter Bears will be alphabetized in this center activity


Language Arts  



Title – Letter Bears
By – Crystal Fiscal
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Kindergarten

TEKS: Language Arts 7A – Student will be able to name and identify each letter of the alphabet.

Learning Objectives:

      1) The student will be able to identify the color and letter of the bear during center time.


      2) The student will be able to count how many bears they see.


    3) The student will be able to arrange the bears in alphabetical order.

Materials Needed:

      1) Brown construction paper (enough to do the whole alphabet)


      2) Pattern of a bear


      3) Scissors


      4) Markers


      5) Pencil


      6) Ziploc bag


    7) You will need to laminate them


    Need to have the alpha bears cut out before students are assigned to their center activity.


      Students can work in groups.


    The alpha bears activity can be best fit in a language arts center


    Show me by raising your hand, how many of you like teddy bears? Today during centers time you will be able to work with a teddy bear while learning the alphabet.


      For the teacher:
      1) Trace the bear to the brown construction paper enough to make from A to Z!


      2) Write a letter on the teddy’s tummy


      3) When you finish writing all the letters you will laminate them


      4) Then you will be ready to cut out the alpha bears


      5) Then it is your choice to place the activity on a center or not
      For the students:
      6) Students will have to take turns


      7) When you have the alpha bears in your hand you will read the letter ALOUD to your partner


      8) Count the bears


      9) Put the bears into Alphabetical Order and place them on the carpet


      10) When you have done all of what I asked for you will be able to play with alpha bears and make up your own words and read them aloud to you partner.


      11) You will only have one minute, then it will be your partner’s turn.


    12) When is time to clean up, you will organize and clean your area.


      Ask how many words they made with their alpha bears? What were they?


    What color was the bear? How many bears did you count? Tell them that they will have another time to play with the bears when everyone has had a chance.

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