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A fun activity for creating Sentences out of Candy Hearts (Valentine’s day)


Art, Language Arts  


3, 4  

Title – Candy Heart Sentences
By – Amanda Thompson
Subject – Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 3rd/4th

Students will create sentence given one or two words (on a candy heart)

Materials Needed:

Writing Paper
Candy Message Hearts (be careful which kind you buy – you might want to pre-read them to make sure they are appropriate!!)


Have students make up sentences or paragraphs around the messages on the candy hearts. For example:

“I do” want you to be my valentine!

You are such a “sweet one!”

Have student glue the candies on in the proper places in the sentences (remind them that these candies ARE NOT for eating!)
They can even try to write whole paragraphs using the hearts.

These are also great for writing messages on valentine cards!

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