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Here’s a good idea for making “Movie Posters” for Novels students have read


Art, Language Arts  


7, 8, 9  


Title – Movie Posters
By – Kyle Larkin
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – 7-9

After the students have read any novel, you can have them design their own posters to advertise the movie version of the story.

First you need several examples of movie posters to show the students how they are often designed.

Then have the students work independently, or in small groups, to brainstorm ideas for design. After they have reached a decision on what type of picture to draw, they need to create a slogan for the ad campaign. Have the students write a rough draft that you can help them edit.

After the drawing and slogan have been created, they will need to select a cast to play the central characters of the story. Have the students write a paragraph discussing who has been selected and why they feel that person is the best actor/actresses to play that particular role.

After all of the decisions have been made the students need to incorporate all three aspects onto a piece of poster board. They need to include the slogan and list of actors and/or actresses into the picture.

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