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New Year’s Resolution


Art, Language Arts  


2, 3, 4  

By – Tina R



Students will get to be creative in deciding their New Year’s resolutions.


Activities and Procedure:

This is a great time to have students set new goals and learn a new vocabulary word “resolution”. On the chart paper, elicit ideas that tell about things your students would like to do better in the New Year. For example, I would like to practice my cursive writing so that I can write my name on my papers.

Explain that their resolutions can be about family, friends, school, and anything else appropriate. You could even have them write one for each category.

Give each child 5 strips of paper- one for each week in January. Have them write 1 goal on each strip.

Then, have them design and cut out a party hat. You can decorate with glitter to make them really festive.

Have students glue their resolution strips to their hats (coming out the top looks cute). Attach to a bulletin board for display.

On each Friday, read 1 resolution strip from each hat and ask the child to reflect if they have accomplished this or not.

They will want to continue setting goals for the year!!!



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