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In this sequence comprehension lesson, students make a 6-square story quilt


Art, Language Arts  


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Title – Sequence Story Quilt
By – Renee Goodman
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – 2nd-4th

Sequencing Story Quilt

Lesson Objective:
Learners will be able to retell a story using the sequence comprehension skill.

Materials needed:
– 6 small squares of different colored construction paper per learner with holes punched in the middle of each side.
– pieces of yarn or string (2 inch pieces work well)
– crayons or markers

o       o o       o o       o
o       o o       o o       o

1. Before reading the story (I always use the “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” type books, but any book with a clear sequence will work) do a short mini-lesson about sequence or order of events. Tell the students that while they are reading (or listening) to the story, pay very special attention to the order that things happen in the story.

2. For younger students, it may be necessary to list the events on the board as they happen. After reading, discuss the story, then tell the students that they will be making a quilt that illustrates the events in the story.

3. Give each student 6 paper squares and some pieces of yarn. The students should then write a sentence with a picture on each square that tells what happened in the story.

4. The students should put the squares in order as to how the events happened in the story, and then they can tie their quilt squares together

These make such a fun project and they look so nice.

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