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Students write and deliver Valentine’s Day craft demonstration speeches here


Art, Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Valentine’s Day Craft Demonstration Report and Speech

By – Sue Ludwig

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Secondary Subject – Art

Grade Level – 2-5


    Students search the internet for simple Valentine crafts to create and then they write and deliver a demonstration speech to their peers.


  1. Demonstrate searching for valentine crafts (you can type “Valentine crafts” in the Google search line and click on “images”). Discuss how we may not have all the supplies shown, but we can improvise with what we do have.

  2. Students create the craft.

  3. On teacher prompted template paper, students write a rough draft report telling how they made the project. Prompts include:

    • Intro Sentence

    • Materials Needed

    • First I…

    • Next I…

    • Then I…

    • Finally I…

    • Closing Sentence
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