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This is a beginning Braille letter recognition lesson


Language Arts  


PreK, K  

Title – Beginning Braille Letter Recognition
By – Jeanne Spira
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Pre-K

Concept/Topic to Teach:

    Reading letters of the Braille alphabet

Standard Addressed:

    Reading readiness of the alphabet

General Goal:

    Reading literacy

Specific Objective:

    To learn the first two letters of the Braille alphabet

Required materials:

  • Perkins Braille writer
  • Braille paper
  • worksheets for the lower case letters a and b

Anticipatory Set (Lead In):

  • Oral reciting of the alphabet
  • Talking about words that begin with the letters a and b
  • Introduction to the Braille letters on worksheets

Step by Step Procedures:

  1. Student will be presented with Brailled lines of the lowercase letter a.
  2. Student will find the letter a on a worksheet where it has been mixed in with non-letters and a full Braille cell (all 6 Braille dots)
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the letter b
  4. Student will find the letters a and b on a worksheet with the full Braille cell scrambled in with these two letters.
  5. Student will read a full Braille line of each of the two letters, repeated in three sets.
  6. As the teacher Brailles the letters, the student will feel the letter on the paper and say what he/she is reading. (In this way the student is introduced to the Braille writer in a fun, gamelike way.)

Plan for Independent Practice:

    The student will take the worksheets home to read with the parent(s).

Assessment Based Objectives:

    Student will be able to discriminate the letters a and b in a scrambled sheet of these letters and other non-Braille letter symbols.

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