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Buddy Bags and Venn diagrams are used here as get-acquainted tools to compare and contrast students with each other


Language Arts  



Title – Buddy Bags
By – Elizabeth Danowski
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 7


    Buddy Bags are a welcoming activity for those first days of school


  1. Review the Venn diagram as a tool for comparing and contrasting. I did a quick review comparing/contrasting tacos and pizza. Then I divided students into partners. Each partner has a Venn diagram they must use as a tool to help them compare and contrast themselves with each other.
    ( 1 class period. Assignment: bring a bag for the following class period. )
  2. Students create a bag that shows their differences on the outside. They are to think of ways to make the bag strong in contrast. For instance, they might make the bag green on one side and red on the other because they have different favorite colors, or they might put a large sports logo on each side to show they root for different teams. Each partner decorates one side of the bag.
    ( 1 class period. Assignment: bring in small items that represent their similarites for the following class period. )
  3. When the bags are completed on the outside, students put the Venn diagram inside the bag along with items to show how they are similar. If items cannot be brought in, pictures can be glued on a sheet of paper and that sheet of paper is put into the bag.

    In this way, the bag with its differences on the outside and similarities inside is like the Venn diagram.

  4. Students introduce their partner to the rest of the class using the bag.

    This is an introductory activity for the beginning of the year. It gets students learning and socializing at the same time and even gives them an early experience getting in front of the class!

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