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Here students create a booklet about their vacation or summer event


Language Arts  



Title – All About Me Writing
By – Sarah Hollenbeck
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 2

Objectives: The second grade students will:

  • Think of an event (or two) that happened to them over the summer break
  • Create a booklet (3 to 8 pages) highlighting this/these event/s

Materials: Booklet making materials:

  • Heavy paper (white)
  • Markers and/or crayons
  • Material to bind books (staples, yarn, etc.)

Initiation: The teacher will tell the class of an event (directly relating to him/her) that took place over the summer vacation. The teacher will then explain that she/he will be making an “All About Me” booklet about said event. Teacher will model making his/her own booklet to the class. Teacher will share finished booklet (text and illustrations) with class.


  1. Once teacher has shared his/her own booklet with class, he/she will write down steps for lesson:
    1. Think of an event that took place over the summer
    2. Write down what happened
    3. Illustrate (this can be done before writing if desired)
    4. Review and add if necessary
    5. Share book with neighbor or whole class
  2. Students to work on book (following above steps)
  3. Students to share finished book with neighbor and/or whole class

Closure: For students who desire, the “Author’s Chair” will be available for whole class sharing. Other students will be able to ask questions of each author at this time.

Assessment: The teacher will be looking for participation and effort. He/she will also be reviewing each “All About Me” book for evidence of thought process and learned writing skills such as proper spelling of “Word Wall” words, etc.

Language Arts Framework (2003): In this lesson, students will:

  • Communicate with others to create interpretations and evaluations of written, oral, and visual texts.
  • Recognize that readers and writers are influenced by individual, social, cultural, and historical contexts.
  • Use descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive, and poetic modes.
  • Prepare, publish, and present work appropriate to audience, purpose, and task.
  • Conform to Standard English.
  • Speak and write using standard word patterns (syntax) and word choices (diction).
  • Use language appropriate to purpose, audience, and task.

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