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Coretta Scott King Award-Winner books are introduced to children in this literature lesson


Language Arts  


4, 5  

Title –

The Talking Eggs

by Robert Sans Souci

Coretta Scott King Award-Winning Books

By – Megan Fink

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Grade Level – 4-5

Time – 45 minutes/ 1 class period


  • The Talking Eggs

    by Robert Sans Souci and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney,

    1990 CSK Illustrator Honor book (0-8037-0619-7)
  • Easel, wipe-off board or giant paper for modeling letter-writing
  • Enlarged CSK award seal graphic
  • Notebook paper and pencils
  • Optional: Non-fiction biographies about Coretta Scott King (

    Journey to Freedom

    by Cynthia Klingel, 1-5676-6567-5)

Lesson Activity:

    Discuss with the students:

    1. Who is Coretta Scott King?

    2. Give history about the award: Created in 1970 to honor African-American authors/illustrators who represent ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King’s devotion to fighting for civil rights. I passed around the award seal to the group while discussing the award.

    3. Read

    The Talking Eggs

    and mention that it was the 1990 Illustrator Honor book for the CSK award.

    4. After reading the story aloud, I asked the students to write a letter to a character in the story, about two paragraphs in length, telling what they liked or did not like about the story, what they would wish for if they had a magic egg and also write about what they think happened after the book ended. I modeled the format of the letter on the easel.

    5. I also replied to each student’s letter as the character with suggestions for other CSK winners they might enjoy. In addition, I had arranged a display of CSK books in the library so that the students would have easy access to the titles in the collection.


Megan Fink


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