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“Chicka Chicka Sight Word Match” uses a whiteboard coconut tree and magnetic letters


Language Arts  



Title – Chicka Chicka Sight Word Match
By – Joan Sardo
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Time – 15-20 minutes


    To expose the students to four new sight words in isolation.


  • Students will use alphabet magnets on a white board easel to spell sight words.
  • Students will match magnets with sight words written on index cards.
  • Students will use the sight words in a sentence.


    Draw a coconut tree on a white board easel and place various magnet letters on the branches. Place index cards with the sight words: (the and to for) on the easel. Have the students come up and take turns pulling magnets off of the coconut tree to match the sight words on the index cards. Have the students form the words using the magnets to match the cards. Then ask the students to try to use the words in a sentence.

Follow up:

    Have the students go back to their seats and play a matching game using the four new sight words with a buddy. They can use the word cards that are in their sight word boxes.

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