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Students create a newspaper on computers in this lesson on Typing, Writing, and Reporting


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Extra Extra Read all about it
By – Mr. Christopher Ryan
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 5-8

Objectives: (TSWBAT)
-Exercise skills in basic typing
-Learn to use desktop publishing
-Investigate reports
-Creativity through writing and designing

-Desktop publisher 98 (or some form of publisher
program that will allow newspaper column designing)
-Several writings (These can be assigned writings or a collection of previous writings.)
-A Class editor
-Lots of paper to print out newspapers that the student creates so that they may be distributed throughout the rest of your school.

-Have guest speaker come into the class and discuss how reporters work and how papers are put together.
-Have students ask questions so that can gain information for their own paper.
-After guest leaves, tell students:

Transition: Okay students now today we are going to create our very own newspaper.

Sequence of Activities:
-Have students create a name for their news paper
-Research topic ideas
-Have students create stories.
-To do this you may want to have categories already picked out.
-You can also use previous stories that the class has written.
-Split the students up into groups.
-Have the students vote for an editor.
-In some cases you the teacher may want to be the editor.
-Sample groups are: weather, school sports, school activities, etc.
-After stories are gathered give them to the editor.
-After the editor has made corrections send papers back to students so that they can make their corrections.
-Next design a template on desktop publisher.
-Set up a format that will allow you to have a header, and columns.
-Decide on what order you want your stories to appear in your paper.
-Have students enter their stories into the computer.
-Enter pictures using clip art to add special effects.
-Use spell check to correct any misspelled words.
-Have editor to check again for any grammatical errors.
-Print a copy
-Double check for any more errors.
-When paper is error proof make copies for the whole school to read.

-Send a copy of your paper to a local newspaper and ask them to evaluate the paper and make any corrections that they might add.
-Discuss with students what they might do differently if they could do it over again.


-Look at paper and see if there are any mistakes.
-See how well students work together.
-Judge appearance of the paper.

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