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Here is a good beginning-of-the-year lesson for introducing essay structure


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


6, 7, 8, 9  


Title – Essay Structure Lesson
By – Christine Helwig
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subject – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 6-9 

This is a great lesson for introducing the essay structure to your students. By introducing the essay structure with a how to… topic, the students are “forced” to use a different paragraph for each step. (This seems more logical to some students than telling them that each new idea needs a new paragraph.)


      1) Teach the basic essay structure.
      2) Have the students create a “How To…” essay based on the essay structure. Examples: how to groom a horse, how to make brownies, etc.


        a) Paragraph 1: Introduce topic and briefly state the steps


        b) Paragraph 2-4: Step 1-3 (or more if necessary)


        c) Paragraph 5: Re-state the steps


    3) Have the students read their essay to the class (and possibly show the steps with props).

VARIATION: Have students create typed essays and Power Point presentations. Turn in the essay and use the Power Point when presenting to the class. (Each slide is a different paragraph–good for organization.)

This is great for the beginning of the year because the students get to know a bit about each other (based on their essay topics) and I get to know about them.

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