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In this writing lesson, students use multiple sources to expand their original “How I Will Change the World” essay


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


9, 10, 11  

Title – Original Essay: “How I Will Change the World”
By – Danielle Hansard
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 9-11


    In this lesson, students will use multiple sources to expand their original writing essay titled “How I Will Change the World.” Students will research their sources to ensure that they are reliable and properly site their sources with credit to the author.


    English Language Proficiency Standard W.7 – Use multiple sources to extend writing.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Inspiration© software
  • internet access
  • notebook and pen

Development of Lesson:

  • Introduction:
    • Talk to students about how personal knowledge has helped great leaders make changes in the world.
    • Have classroom discussion on who they consider to be great leaders and write list on the board.
    • Put students in groups and have them brainstorm a list of how they believe these leaders achieved their greatness.
    • Then talk to students about how they can also change the world and introduce the assignment.
  • Methods/Procedures:
    • Explain assignment to students: They will write a five-page original essay on how they will change the world. They are to use three sources to enhance their writing. They will also use Inspiration© software to create an outline for their essay.
      • Students will use the internet to gather ideas and find sources.
      • Students will use Inspiration© to organize their ideas and sources and plug them into an outline.
    • Accommodations/Adaptations:
      • This lesson can be used for all different paper topics and also poetry analysis.
      • Kidspiration© software can be used for lower grade levels.
      • Students can use the software to organize their resources and decide which ones are best used in the paper.
      • Make sure students who are not familiar with the software receive a tutorial before starting this lesson.
    • Assessment/Evaluation:
      • Make sure students understand how to use the software.
      • Review each students’ outline to make sure they understand the assignment.
      • Have students use peer review as feedback.
    • Closure:
        Have students incorporate their final outline into the paper to allow them to reflect on how well they composed the outline. If the outline increases the quality of the paper, include activity in future writing assignments.

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