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Kindergartners practice alphabetic principles here by writing group stories with Kidspiration


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  



Title – Alphabetic Principles Practice
By – Nicole Oliver
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – K




    The contents that will be covered in this class are the alphabetic principles. Children will learn that sounds in words are based on the letters of the alphabet. They will also learn spelling of familiar words as well as reading some familiar words. Most of the children will already know some of this, but will get more comfortable with it. This will also help the children that are a little more behind the rest of the class.


    R.WS.00.03 – Understanding the alphabetic principle that sounds in words are expressed by the letters of the alphabet.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Use of the school computer lab
  • Kidspiration software
  • Various age-appropriate books
  • Pencils and paper

Development of Lesson:


        Start out by explaining the lesson while using examples of past lessons taught in the class. Play the favorite alphabet songs of the class (to get their attention) and review the alphabet and sounds each letter makes.


      • Start out with the class as a whole, reading and reviewing the alphabet.
      • Then put children into groups and assign helpers from 5th grade, one to a group. While in the groups, students can again go over sounds and also try to write a group story.
      • Once this is done, take the class to the computer lab to use Kidspiration.
      • The groups will take their story and add personal touches (with the help of the teacher and the 5th graders) and create their own story.
      • Then have them read each story to the class, while having the children sound out the important words, make the sound of the word, and also establish which letter it is.


        Having the 5th grade helpers frees the teacher to go around to each group and each student to determine how well they are moving along. Also, assessing each group’s story will give me a better understanding of where they are in understanding the lesson.


        After the lesson is completed, assess each group based on their story. Assess each student individually by using a worksheet in which they will match certain letters to the picture of the sound it makes. If the student seems to be able to match each letter to the correct picture, that determines whether or not the student knows the benchmark well enough.


      To reflect on what the children learned, add part of this lesson to the children’s daily activities so that they can keep practicing. Also make sure to include some of this in the future curriculum, so the children can keep practicing. The letters, pictures and words should get harder as they learn more.

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