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A great lesson for learning the ABCs


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


PreK, K  

Title – Learning the ABC’s
By – Holly Lindner
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – Pre-K

Title of Lesson: Learning the ABC’s

Subject: Basics of reading and writing

Grade Level: Preschool & kindergarten


The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize young children with the alphabet, the sounds that each letter makes, and familiar words or objects that they can relate to each letter. Also, this will allow the students to become familiar with using a computer at a young age, with the supervision of an adult. This can also be set up to be an individual activity where students can learn and explore at their own rate.


A computer/computers with an Internet connection
Link the website needed to run the program


Since this is designed for very young students, the teacher will be required to have the computer set up to the correct site before beginning instruction. It would work best to hook the computer up to a screen so all the students can watch and learn how the program works. There are two ways to go about this type of instruction.

The first way is for the teacher to have control of the computer and walk the students through the program. In doing this, the students would be asked to recite the letter of the alphabet, make the sound that it makes aloud, and identify the objects that are related to each letter. This would seem to be very affective, since saying these things aloud would provide the most benefit to the student’s learning.

The other way to go about this would be to first present how to use the program to the students and then have the program set up ready to go on the computer for students to use in their own time and learn at their desired speed and method.


In completion of this lesson, students should be more familiar with the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that each makes, which will prepare them to begin learning to read.

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