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Nouns and verbs are taught using an interactive SMART Board in this lesson


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Nouns and Verbs using a Smartboard
By – Miss Horton
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – K-2


      National – Eng.K-12.6:

        Students apply knowledge of language structure, language conventions, media techniques, figurative language, genre to create, critique and discuss print and non-print texts.


    State – Standard 1 – Language for Information and Understanding:

      Students will listen, speak, read, and write for information and understanding. As listeners and readers, students will collect data, facts, and ideas; discover relationships, concepts, and generalizations; and use knowledge generated from oral, written, and electronically developed texts.


  • Nouns and Verbs


  • Sentence structure,
  • identifying nouns and verbs,
  • using appropriate nouns or verbs correctly in a sentence.


  1. Students will be able to choose the correct noun or verb that completes the sentence.
  2. Students will be able to pick a noun or verb out of a sentence.
  3. Students will be able to verbally tell me what a noun or verb is from a picture provided.


  1. Given a group of sentences, students will be able to circle the correct noun or verb that completes the sentence ten consecutive times.
  2. Given a picture, students will be able to circle the nouns in one color and the verbs in another color ten consecutive times.
  3. Given a group of words, students will be able to move the words into the noun column or the verb column ten consecutive times.

Materials and Aids:

  • Smartboard accessibility


  1. Introduction:
    1. Review of nouns by finding a noun from a picture provided.
    2. Review of verbs by finding a verb from a picture provided.
    3. Review of the definition of a noun and verb.
  2. Development:
    1. Show a picture of that has several nouns and label each noun, as a person, place or thing.
    2. Show several pictures of a movement (verb) and label the verb correctly.
    3. Provide a sentence and fill in the blank using a noun or verb correctly in the sentence.
  3. Practice:
    1. Show the students how to use a noun or verb in a sentence correctly.
    2. Show the students how to find nouns and verbs in pictures.
    3. Describe a noun or a verb and ask yourself what each describes in a sentence.
  4. Independent Practice:
    1. Provide students with pictures of nouns and have them circle the nouns in a specific color.
    2. Provide pictures of verbs and have students label the verb correctly.
    3. Give students sentences with the noun or verb missing and have the students fill in the blank with the appropriate word.
  5. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction):
    1. For students with reading problems, I will have another student read the directions to him/her.
    2. For students with behavior issues, I will use classroom routine and proximity.
    3. For English learners (ESL), I will provide peer tutoring during free time.
  6. Checking for understanding:
    1. I will evaluate my students using a chart.
    2. I will give specific praise often.
    3. I will ask students to use nouns and verbs at random.
  7. Closure:
    1. Review of what we have learned.
    2. Give specific examples of using nouns and verbs in a sentence correctly.


  1. Students will need to correctly provide a noun in a sentence provided ten consecutive times.
  2. Students will need to correctly provide a verb in a sentence ten consecutive times.

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