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Your students will love these great online research filler projects at the especially at the end of the school year


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Online Filler Project
By – Jennifer Blake
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 7-12

Note: I use this lesson plan for either a transition project, or an end of the year project, when I can’t start anything new, but don’t want to have idle students. Online Project Student Directions:

      You need to pick one of these topics to research for your final assignment:
  • The Day You Were Born:
    • Find out what was going on the day you were born and that day in years prior.
    • This needs to be in your own words, and tell me why the events were important.
    • You can include pictures.
  • Seven Wonders of the USA (or any other country or state):
    • Choose seven amazing natural and/or man-made wonders of your chosen state or country.
    • Be sure to tell me why you would classify them as “wonders.”
    • You can include pictures.
  • See You at the Movies:
    • What movies do you consider to be classics? Why?
    • What movies would be best if they had sequels (or maybe left to one movie)? Why?
    • Are there any movies you think the casting could have been better? Who would you have cast?
    • If you could remake any movie, which one, and how?
    • What would be the ultimate movie? Write me a short scene, and cast it. You can use pictures.
  • Sacred Structures:
    • Show me different churches/synagogues/temples from different parts of the world, and explain how worship takes place there.
    • To which one would you like to go? Why?
    • Use pictures. (10 minimum)
  • Home Sweet Home:
    • Find me at least ten of the most different/strange/unique houses in the world.
    • Which one would you like to live in? Why?
    • Design me your ultimate house.
    • Use pictures.

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