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This lesson gets into Graphics Elements


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Technical Writing Unit
By – Marci Sabin
Subject – Language Arts, Other
Grade Level – High School

Graphics Elements

The importance of graphics in technical writing

Explain importance of graphic elements in writing
Make graphic example

Lesson Objectives:
Students will understand graphic purposes for technical writing

Lesson Activity:
Two books will be on the main desk: one book with no/little graphics and another book with colorful and descriptive graphics. Students will vote on which one they like best and then discuss why. Lecture on importance of graphic elements in writing. Show newspaper and students will list different graphical elements in the newspaper. Lecture on the appropriate graphics for specific writing. Students will make a graphic element of their choice on the computer. They will then present their special graphic and the purpose/reason it would be used.

D: Reasons for liking graphics; F: discuss graphical elements in a newspaper; S: make graphic

Participation = 5 points
TOTAL = 5 points

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