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Lesson seven is on Report Writing


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Technical Writing Unit
By – Marci Sabin
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – High School

Report Writing

Students will learn aspects needed to write an effective report.

Completion of Letter Quiz
Proofread and make other changes to the report given.

Lesson Objectives:
Students will understand importance of a quality-looking report. They will be taught the structure of a business report and tips on how to research. The students will compile their knowledge by starting a project of retyping a report.

Lesson Activity:
The final letters will be collected and than mailed. A quiz on letter components, formats, and terms. Lecture and discussion on writing reports. Students will each be given a report. A memo written by the teacher will be attached to each report. The memo will state specific instructions for the student to accomplish. (The student will proofread the report, add necessary graphic elements, reformat headlines, and change other items in the report as needed.) The students will work on this project.

D: Completion of quiz; F: participating in discussion on writing reports; S: rewriting report

Quiz = 10 points
TOTAL = 10 points

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