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The last instructional lesson is on Persuasive Writing


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Technical Writing Unit
By – Marci Sabin
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – High School

Persuasive Letter Writing

Techniques involved in writing a persuasive business letter

List tips to include and use when writing a persuasive business letter.

Lesson Objectives:
Students will use all the information learned from the previous lessons, and this lesson, to incorporate in their persuasive letter. The students will also help each other by proofreading other groups’ letters.

Lesson Activity:
Lecture and discussion on Persuasive Letter Writing Tips. Students will pair up and write a persuasive letter on any subject they choose. The letter will then be passed to two other groups to be proofread. The original group will retype the letter and add necessary graphical elements. The letters will be posted on the bulletin board and the class will vote on the most persuasive letter.

D: Participation in lecture discussion on Persuasive Letter Writing; F: proofread other groups’ papers; S: completion of persuasive letter.

Group Persuasive letter = 20 points
TOTAL = 20 points

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