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This lesson teaches the Parts of Speech by using Computers


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


4, 5  


Title – Parts of Speech integrated with Computers
By – Jill Dembsky
Subject – Language Arts, Computers
Grade Level – 4-5
Students use Microsoft Word to create a table.
Students gain practice in formating their text.
Students change page set-up.
Students learn to shade a table.
Students reinforce their knowledge of parts of speech.
Students do creative writing.
Students use a drawing program to illustrate their work.

1. Students use Microsoft Word to create the first half of the project, and a drawing program such as KidPix to illustrate part of it.

2. Students center a title (Ex: Parts of Speech) and their name on the top of the document, using Font Comic Sans (for example), size 14Bold. Left and right margins are changed to .5 inch.

3. Students create a 6 x 6 table. Each cell is center justified. The first cell in the first row is always kept blank. The remaining five cells are filled with the following words: Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition. The first column is filled with numbers 1-5 (keeping that first cell blank.)

4. Students fill in each column with the proper part of speech. They are encouraged to use unique creative examples. Each student comes up with their own words.

5. The top row and the first column are shaded light gray to make them stand out.

6. Students skip two lines and then make five sentences, each one using the words on a particular line in their table. They are not allowed to change any of the words once they begin writing their sentences. These sentences become quite funny and creative.

7. To culminate this activity, students illustrate one of their sentences using a drawing program such as KidPix.

This makes an excellent bulletin board display! :)

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