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A Photo Story 3 personal narrative is created here


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Personal Narrative Photo Story Presentation
By – Liza Moreno
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 6-8

Concept / Topic to Teach:

Multimedia Presentations, Biographies, Narrative Writing

Texas Standards Addressed:

      6.14 A-E
      6.17 D
      6.26 A, B
      7.14 A-E
      7.17 D
      8.14 A-E
      8.17 D

General Goal(s):

Students will develop a multimedia presentation.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Given a rubric, students will write a personal narrative describing an event in their lives, using complete sentences, correct grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Given a list of requirements, students will create a storyboard for a multimedia presentation, including at least five pictures and two music selections.
  3. Given a detailed project description and rubric, students will develop a multimedia presentation using Photo Story 3, with duration of three to five minutes and following their approved storyboard.

Required Materials:

  • Pencil
  • Notebook paper
  • Photographs
  • Music clips (or CDs)
  • Clip-art
  • Computer
  • Scanner
  • Photo Story 3 software

Anticipatory Set:

The teacher will ask students:

  • “Have you ever taken pictures on a summer vacation?
  • How can you organize the pictures?
  • Can they tell a story?”

Step-By-Step Procedures:

  1. The teacher asks students the anticipatory questions.
  2. The teacher models organizing photographs and writing narrative phrases.
  3. The teacher gives students a rubric for their personal narrative.
  4. Students write a page describing an event in their life (or short biography).
  5. Students create a storyboard depicting the organization of images and text in their multimedia presentation.
  6. With teacher approval, students look for images and music for their multimedia presentation.
  7. Students use Photo Story 3 to create a narrated presentation of their personal narrative.
  8. Students present their creations to the class.

Plan for Independent Practice:

Students will write a personal narrative, complete a storyboard, and create a multimedia presentation.


After students present their photo stories, the teacher will ask:

  • “What made each story effective?
  • Did each presentation have a clear beginning and end?
  • What elements should be included in a narrative?
  • What is gained using technology to communicate an event?”

Assessment Based on Objectives:

Students will be graded using a Multimedia Project Rubric.

Adaptations (For Students with Learning Disabilities):

Teachers can assist students by narrowing down the topic and providing students with an outline of a personal narrative.

Extensions (For Gifted Students):

Students can copy their presentations on a CD, create a CD sleeve, and create a Table of Contents.

Possible Connections to Other Subjects:

Students can create an autobiographical multimedia presentation of their lives using important events in history. Students can narrate the life of a famous person in a multimedia presentation.

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