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Here students write a different type of poem each day, culminating in a PowerPoint presentation


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – PowerPoint Poetry
By – Katie Patterson
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 2-5
Class Periods – 5

Academic Objectives:

  • The student will create written poetry to entertain others.
  • The student will select their best work to showcase in a class PowerPoint portfolio.


  • 2-4.1
  • 2-4.5
  • 2-5.3
  • 2-5.4

Lesson Introduction:

  • The teacher will provide students with poetry templates throughout the week.
  • The teacher will give instructions highlighting one particular type of poem per day.

Instructional Process: Activity #1

      : Student will create an acrostic using winter words. This process will include a first copy on notebook paper. After revisions, student will transfer to final copy.


      Teacher and class will create a “Winter Word Brainstorm” using the Promethean Board.



Activity #2

      : Student will complete a poem about mittens by filling in an incomplete template.


      Teacher will provide “Mittens” and leave adjectives blank.



Activity #3

      : Student will create a diamante using winter and summer as the beginning and ending topic. Student will enter final copy into computer template and print from website (



      Teacher will create an example on the Promethean Board with the class.



Activity #4

      : Student will create a shape/concrete poem. Student will use a mitten or igloo template for final copies.


      Student will trace on the back of the final copy to have an exact practice template.



Activity #5

      : Student will select one poem to showcase in the class PowerPoint portfolio. Student will create one slide with at least one effect.


    Teacher will create one slideshow for all students’ slides.


      Student will share poem with class as their poem appears in the slideshow.


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