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This lesson is on Writing a Story with Storybook Weaver software


Computers & Internet, Language Arts  


PreK, K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Storybook Weaver

By – Audrey Pruitt

Subject – Language Arts, Computers

Grade Level – 1-3


— To introduce to the computer and software “Storybook Weaver”

— To talk about what kind of story he would like to write

— To start writing our own book

— To have good behavior and earn a reward


1. Introduction:

— a. We are going to go over our schedule (see attached) and what this weeks reward is.(pencil)

— b. We are going to talk about the rules for tutoring again

— c. We are going to learn how to use the software “Storybook Weaver”

— d. We are going to read and/or look through several predictable/repetitive books

2. Modeling:

— a. I am going to read through one of the books and talk with him about how we could rewrite it using our names or places around us or things that we like, etc.

— b. I am going to start writing a story about me

3. Guided Practice:

— a. We are going to write our story together over several sessions

4. Independent Practice:

— a. I am going to have him write some ideas about what we could write about. (If he won’t write I will let him dictate them to me)

5. Closure/Summary:

— a. We are going to discuss what we will do next week (work more on the book)

— b. We are going to talk about how his behavior was today and if he has the required stickers then he will get his choice of pencil

6. Extension:

— a. We will play Concentration again

Being Prepared:

1. Materials Needed:

— a. Books: If you Give a Moose a Muffin, If you Give a Pig a Pancake, and The Cat in the Hat

— b. Computer and Software: “Storybook Weaver”

— c. Paper

— d. Pencils/erasers

— e. Rewards box

— f. Notecards

— g. Concentration cards

— h. Schedule/Rules

2. Guiding Questions:

— a. How could we rewrite this book?

— b. What would you like to write about?

— c. What kind of characters would you like in your story?

— d. Where would you like your story to take place?

3. Assessment:

— a. If we have a list of ideas about what we would like to write about then he has accomplished the book objectives

— b. If he has received his 4 stickers for the day then we have accomplished the behavior objective

4. Computer Use:

— a. We are going to the computer lab for the first 20 minutes of our time to get aquainted with the “Storybook Weaver” software so that we will have an idea when we start writing our book.




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