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Language Arts – Compare and Contrast – Cinderella


Language Arts  


2, 3  

Title:  A Lesson On Comparing & Contrasting Using Cinderella’s Rat
by Elizabeth Cook
Grades:  2-3


1.  The student will be able to compare and contrast two different versions of Cinderella.

2.  The student will be able to use a Venn diagram to make comparisons.

3.  The student will be able to make predictions about a story.

Review or read the fairy tale, Cinderella with students.  If reviewing the story write on the board or overhead- characters, set, plot, and have students give that information.  Next read Cinderella”s Rat by Susan Meddaugh, Houghton Mifflin, 1997. Read the first page (page 3) and stop.  Ask students to predict what surprises the rat may face.  Write these predictions down on chart paper, the board , or on the overhead.  Finish the book.  Compare the predictions the students made with what happens in the book.  Now draw your Venn Diagram either on a chart, the board, or overhead.  have students compare the story of Cinderella with Cinderella” Rat. Be sure to cover plot, setting, and characters. After the lesson have some cheese and crackers!

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