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How cool is it to compare Achebe’s novelThings Fall Apartto a modern day “Creed” song?


Language Arts  



Title – Relating Modern Music to Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
By – Clark Smith
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 10th
Materials Needed:

      1) A copy of a “Creed” album “Weathered”.

    2) A copy of the lyrics of “One Last Breath” (track 5) to distribute to the students.

1) After finishing the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, ask the students about their feelings of Okonkwo’s suicide.
2) Introduce the song. Have students read over the lyrics and underline any interesting passages.
3) Play the song (track 5 on the album CD) and have students pay attention to the mood, tone, and imagery of death.
4) After the song is over, either lead the class in a discussion or have them write a half-page response on how the narrator sounds similar to or different from Okonkwo. For written responses, allow student volunteers to share their responses (this could also lead to discussion).
5) If time, have the students use their imaginations and have them write a song. Have students pretend they are Okonkwo and they want to unleash their bottled feelings through a song with at least two verses and a chorus. Remind students to avoid explicit lyrics. Have students share songs.

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