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Students use the strategy of visualization here to better comprehend text


Language Arts  


1, 2  

Title – Good Readers Visualize
By – Donna Misrok
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1-2


    Students will use the strategy of visualizing to better comprehend text.

Prior Knowledge:

    Students should be able to make text-to-self connections; and they should be able to make guesses and predictions related to a story.


  • Picture book — The Vegetables Go To Bed by Christopher King
  • Poem — One Inch Tall by Shel Silverstein
  • Paper and crayons/colored pencils
  • White board and markers


      Whole Group:

      1. Prepare white board: Good Readers Visualize .
      2. What does visualize mean?
        • Making pictures in your head
        • Taking snapshots
      3. How do we visualize?
        • By making connections
        • Using what we already know; drawing upon our background knowledge and experiences
      4. Are everyone’s pictures the same?
        • No — because we all have different background knowledge and experiences
      5. Demonstrate this point — give students a word (i.e., flower) and have 2 students come up to the white board and draw what they picture in their head. Point out that each student’s drawing was different. Repeat this with a few different words — bed, ice cream, tree, home
      6. Ask students to close their eyes and visualize while you read The Vegetables Go To Bed , by Christopher King Do not show the pictures.


      • Individual Activity:
          Give each student a piece of white paper to draw on. Students will use colored pencils or crayons. Ask them to draw something they visualized from the book.
      • Whole Group Share:
          Regroup in a circle on the rug and have each student present their visualization illustration. Point out how each is different from another because how/what we visualize is based not just on what we all heard together, but also on our previous knowledge and past experiences. For example, one student might draw a bunkbed while another student might draw a regular bed.


        Review what visualizing means and how it helps us to better understand/comprehend a story.


    • Reread The Vegetables Go To Bed and share the illustrator’s illustrations. Compare with what students drew.
    • Reinforce visualization strategy by doing similar lesson with a different genre (poetry). Read Shel Silverstein’s Poem — One Inch Tall . Ask students to illustrate what they visualize and share.

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