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Constant Digraphs


Language Arts  


2, 3  

Consonant Digraphs by Kerry L. Gnazzo Second Grade


  • Students will be able to recognize and use consonant digraphs in sentences and speech.
  • Students will learn how to brainstorm to develop a word wall of sh- cl- and ch- words.


I will utilize their prior knowledge. We will begin our discussion as I reminded them that in September we shared about our summer vacations. I reminded them how we discussed the seashore, shells and clams. I will then explain how we are in October and we have been discussing Halloween, ghosts, etc. I am going to read them a book about things that we are afraid of and then we are going to construct a word wall containing certain words we develop. I will explain what a word wall is and how we will post it in the classroom and use it as a guide to help us write.


Students will first make predictions about the book from examining the cover, I will write the predications down.

I will read to the class the book The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything. I will stop to point out how the words are repeated and to start the word wall from the words within the book. We will discuss pictures and the content.

Once I have finished reading, we will see if any of their predications about the text came true and what new elements we discovered.

We will construct the word wall. I will write each word on a poster board and will review definitions of words they are unsure of.


I will review the words on the word wall. We will check each word to make sure it contains a sh-, cl-, or ch- either in the beginning, middle, or end of each word. We will decide where to post the word wall in the classroom.


I will hand out a Halloween decorated piece of lined paper. I will then read to them a poem- Igga bigga. The students will then have to construct four sentences. They will begin their first sentence with I am afraid of… The students will have to use four to five new words from the word wall with in their sentences. I will collect the papers to check for understanding.


  • Book- The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything
  • poster board
  • paper
  • pencils
  • markers
  • pictures


Math- I would have the students graph how many sh- cl- and ch- words they developed on the word wall. They would show on their graph which group has more words and a bar graph would be utilized.

Computers- In the computer lab that week. The students will have to type in their four sentences, and with assistance and include one Halloween picture on their paper.

Igga Bigga

If in the dark you’re frightened here’s all you have to do

Say: Igga bigga dinka danka doo

These words give you protection from ghosts and witches too.

Say: Igga bigga hunka bunka dinka danka doo.

So if at night a monster should whisper, “I’ll get you.”

Yell: Igga bigga hunka bunka dinka danka doo.




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