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Here is a lesson on creating a cover letter


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Creating a Cover Letter
By – WM Robinson
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 9-12


      The students will be able to explain the purpose of a cover letter.


      The students will be able to describe the parts of a cover letter.


    The students will be able to prepare a cover letter.

Hook: Think about the time you went to the mall and saw an item you had to buy. What was it about the item that caught your attention? Write down the reasons why you were drawn to the item. (10 minutes) Instruction: Explain to students the purpose of a cover letter. Tie in the hook – letter is like a sales letter that should attract employers to call you the applicant. Ask a student to read definition aloud from textbook.

*Verbally explain the contents of a cover letter. Teach the Introduction, Middle, and Closing. (* Overhead transparency has large font to accommodate visually impaired student).

*Explain the 5 parts of a cover letter. List the 5 parts on board to help students visualize. Return Address, Letter Address, Salutation, Body, and, Complimentary Close. (20 minutes for lecture)

Guided task – Include whole class to review the purpose and definition. Divide class into two teams. The object is to match the headings on the board with the details (located in the zip-locked bags). Each team is given a zip-locked bag with words. The team can discuss the terms and decide which heading it belongs with. (20 minutes)

Question / Answer Session — Allow time to answer any questions students may have before moving on to the independent task. (5 minutes)

Independent task – Ask students to type their contents of the application letter. Handout the rubrics and tell students their letters will be evaluated. For the students who finish early, tell them to work on final project.
(25 minutes)

Closure: Review the parts of the letter. Remind students of the assessment. Tell students they will learn effective interviewing skills next class. Ask students to think of possible interviewing questions. (10 minutes)

Evaluation: Letters will be graded on content, format, and grammar.

Materials: Textbook, Display Board, Transparencies, and Game Pieces.

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