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26 letters are found in this Dinosaur Egg hunt, but not in alphabetical order


Language Arts  



Title – Alphabet Dinosaur Egg Hunt
By – Jessica Pinckard
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Objective: Children will be able to identify all 26 letters of the alphabet after locating all the eggs and putting them in correct order.

List of Materials:

      26 plastic eggs


      Felt (all colors)


      Alphabet letter patterns



Before starting this lesson, you must cut out each letter of the alphabet using the patterns. Next, place a letter in a plastic egg and hide all 26 eggs around the classroom. (Don’t hide them too well!)

Have small groups of students find the eggs. Once found, have the students open the eggs and verbally identify the letter in their egg. Lastly, challenge the students by asking them to put the letters in alphabetical order by placing them on the flannelboard. Place the letters back in the eggs, re-hide, and have the next group of students hunt!

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