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This is another compound word Easter Egg Hunt


Language Arts  


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Title – Compound Word Egg Hunt
By – Dana Pacey
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Grade 1-2

Plastic Easter Eggs (2 per child)
List of compound words – 1 compound word per child (see below for suggestions)
Optional – stickers or treats for inside each egg.

If you opted for the stickers/treats load them in the eggs first.

Print out the list of words with large spaces between the two nouns that make up the word. (You could use labels or regular paper).
Cut the compound words apart in the large space you left.
Stick each part of each word onto different plastic eggs. (“mail” on one egg and “box” on another egg.) (To simplify, if necessary for some students, you may choose to use same color eggs and be sure they get that word when you pass out the eggs).
Keep the eggs with the first half of the words separate from those with the second half of the words.

When the children are out of the room (i.e. recess, specials) hide the eggs with the second half of the compound words around the room.
Meet the children outside of the room and explain that they are to go into the room and find the egg to complete their compound word.
Stress that the two eggs together must make a real word!
Emphasize there is no helping and no talking – this will give all students a chance to find their own.

Children who follow the rules and find their matching egg get to return to their seat and open the eggs!

You may want to have an Easter sheet on their desk to work on upon returning to their seat.

When all students are done, have them share their compound word with the group!

Some compound word ideas:
lipstick, doghouse, racecar, mailbox, haircut, football, baseball, suitcase, lunchbox, armchair, trashcan, shoelace, pigpen, dragonfly, butterfly, toothpaste, wildlife, footprint.

*Hint – if you add more words, be sure they cannot be paired with any of the other “halves”. This could create confusion later.

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