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This EFL lesson encourages children to critique cultural holidays and festivals


Language Arts, Social Studies  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Cultural Lesson
By – Muhammad Aamir
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Intermediate 3-5

Note from

      This is an English as a Foreign Language lesson sent to us from Sindh, Pakistan. It encourages children to critique the festivals, holidays and traditions of their area. Wikipedia has an article about Sindhi festivals (

    ), but this lesson can apply to the holidays of any country or region as well.

Skill Focused:



    40 minutes


    By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

    • Develop spoken fluency
    • Use language for describing occasions
    • Express their views and thoughts confidently
    • Interact confidently with peers

Warm up:

    “If you were not born a human being what would you like to be (it could be anything living or nonliving)?”

Step # 1: (Group Activity – 5 members)

  • Teacher gives instructions for the task: “In your groups, think of as many holidays/festival occasions that are celebrated as you can.”
  • Teacher facilitates and monitors.
  • Teacher now elicits answers and puts them up on the board/flipchart.
  • Teacher makes sure that all groups respond.

Step # 2: (Group Activity – 3 members)

  • From the list on the board/flipchart, the teacher asks each group to choose one topic about the cultural/social values which they like/don’t like.
  • Each group would give a presentation on it to the whole class. Encourage every member of the group to speak.
  • Give them 5-7 minutes for discussion.
  • Ask each group to come up for the presentation.

Step # 3: (Group Activity – 4 members)

  • Teacher gives instructions for the new task: “Discuss and decide the customs and traditions which are of no worth and should be stopped and state why.”
  • Teacher facilitates and monitors.
  • Teacher announces to stop the activity.
  • Teacher now takes feedback.


Cultural Values

      In groups of three/four; discuss the following:
      Discussion 1:

        If you were not born a human being what would you like to be?
      Discussion 2:

        List all the festivals which people of different religions celebrate which you can think of. Which one do you like best and why?
      Discussion 3:

        List all the social/and cultural values and customs that you like/dislike. Give reasons for your choice.
      Discussion 4:

        Discuss and decide “which customs and traditions in Sindh (or your country, state, or province) are of no value? Should they be stopped?” Give reasons to support your arguments.

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