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Chinese students learn how to ask directions at Disney World in this ESL lesson


Language Arts  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Touring Disneyland
By – Bi Yiwen
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 6-8

Textbook: Senior English for Chinese Students – Book 2A

Time: 50 minutes max / 40 minutes min


  1. To familiarize and fully understand the dialogue and practice talking using the key phrases and sentences from the text in daily life
  2. To learn how to answer questions about asking the way.
  3. To offer opportunities and an environment in which to exercise speaking, communicating, and expressing themselves on this issue in real life.

New Vocabulary:

    1. From text:

Disneyland (a big amusement park in California, U.S.A.);

yard (a fundamental unit of length );

restroom (bathroom/lavatory/water closet/men’s room/toilet/gentlemen’s room)

    1. Additional:

block (a segment of a street bounded by consecutive cross streets and including its buildings and inhabitants);

not a hundred miles away (not far from here );

I beg your pardon (excuse me )

New Structure:

1. Can you tell me the way to…?
(Function: asking the way)

2. Go straight ahead until you see…
(Function: telling direction)

Teaching aid:

Cassette recording of text, tape player, at least one map for practice and homework, a fill-in the-blanks exercise for homework


Warm-up: (approx. 4 minutes )

Invite students to introduce Disneyland. Students who collected information beforehand would give detailed introductions, but others may share their knowledge about what visitors would see in it as well.

Stage 1: Presentation (approx. 8 minutes)

    1. New vocabulary: except for Disneyland, a teacher should explain yard and restroom. First, he/she briefly introduces their meaning and gives some examples to clarify how to use them. Of course, he/she might also talk about the synonyms of the word restroom.
    2. Performing: the teacher and a pre-selected student role play and perform a skit about asking directions, being sure to answer using all the sentence patterns and expressions in the text. The content of the skit must be more complicated than that of the text. It must contain an appropriate introduction at the beginning and a natural conversation in the middle leading to a logical conclusion, just like a real life dialogue.

Stage 2. Exploitation (approx. 18 minutes)

        1. New structure: the teacher explains the structures. First, he/she tells their Chinese meaning and then makes the sentences and asks students to give the class their own examples.
        2. Listening: students listen to the tape that reads the text.
        3. Reading: students first read the text individually and then practice the dialogue by pair-work.
        4. Explaining: the teacher explains the text in detail and asks students whether they have problems. He/she paraphrases almost all the sentences, explains them in Chinese and raises questions to the students. After finishing answering students’ questions, the teacher asks them to read the text again.
        5. Substitution: the teacher provides names of some other places and the directions on how to get there. The students practice the dialogue substituting the new information into the sentence structures, first by themselves and then in pairs. One group is asked to do it in the front of the room.

Stage 3. Production (approx. 10 minutes)

        1. Designing a role-play: the teacher asks students to design a role-play between two persons with the knowledge learned as much as possible and to perform it as a pair-work.
        2. Map play: the teacher hangs a map of a city on the blackboard and lets two students ask each other how to get the sites on the map

Homework: Filling in the blanks:

The teacher passes out a dialogue which includes some blanks and a map. Students need to write down how to get to a few sites and finish the dialogue according to the map.

Reserve Activity: None

Comment: immediately after the lesson

Homework: the following fill-in-the-blanks exercise.


Homework directions:

Put the following sentences in order and fill in the blanks. Then finish the conversation by writing down how to get to a few sites on the map.

    1. Excuse me, __________?
    2. It’s in the center of Disneyland.
    3. Could you tell me the way to Bear Country?
    4. Yes, __________.

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