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Language Arts  




Figurative Language
by Vickie Crossley
2nd Grade

Objective: The student will recognize and interpret figurative language.

Materials: Quick As A Cricket (author – Audrey Wood)

Preparation: Write on board – The kite leaped into the air like a ______. The wind roared like a ______. Also write possible answers: worm, hawk, or lion.

* Discuss meaning of figurative language: “Writers compare things that are alike in one way, but different in most other ways. This helps us to understand things in a new way.”
* Read Quick As A Cricket; ask students for some examples of figurative language found in the story.
* Have students read questions on the board and answer them and discuss why worm is not a good answer.

Independent Practice:
I use the basal reader workbook. If that is not available, you could create your own worksheet. Or, have students find examples of figurative language in other stories and write down.

Closure: Ask for questions and tell the students that they should now be as quiet as a cricket and as busy as a bee!

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