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This Spanish lesson involves writing autobiographies in Spanish


Language Arts  



Title – Todo Acerca de Mi (All About Me)
By – Celeste McKenzie
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 6th grade Spanish
Todo acerca de Mi is an autobiographical sketch that students create, using newly learned vocabulary added to teacher prompts.

Students write 3 things in Spanish for each category listed, using complete sentences. They begin their paper with their first name, and end with their last name. This is a good opportunity to choose a Spanish first name if they have not already done so. Because I usually introduce this project after only about 2 months of beginning study, I provide a complete English translation for students to refer to. Students are directed to use each prompt and then re-write the prompt with their choices on a separate piece of paper. They should write their answers in column format.

Todo Acerca de Mi

1. Mi primer nombre: (My first name)
2. Me gusta: (I like:)
3. No me gusta: (I don’t like:)
4. Los deportes me gusta jugar son: (sports I like to play are:)
5. Mis comidas favoritas son: (My favorite foods are:)
6. Mis animales favoritos son: (My favorite animals are:)
7. Mis colores favoritos son: (My favorite color are:)
8. Cosas tengo miedo de son: (Things I am afraid of are:)
9. Mis sujetos favoritos en la escuela son: (My favorite school subjects are:)
10. Mi apellido: (My last name)

Students should write only in Spanish on their paper. They may use a Spanish-English dictionary for help.
Because it is later asked for favorites in the area of sports, animals, colors and foods, students should not use any of these answers in the “me gusta” category. Instead they should be encouraged to write their “likes” from other categories such as family members; abuelo(a), tio(a), or other verbs they’ve learned (cantar, bailar, nadar, etc.)
Students share their bios with class members who are challenged to translate what they’ve written.

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