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This lesson uses fortune cookies to motivate students to “find the verb” or other parts of speech


Language Arts  


5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Fortune Cookie Verbs
By – Dawn Armstrong
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 5-8

Materials: Small pieces of paper, fortune cookies for the class

This lesson will help students identify verbs in sentences.

      1. Discuss what a fortune cookie is. Explain that fortune cookies contain messages of advice or good wishes for the recipient.
      2. Ask students to bring out a small piece of paper. Tell them to write a “fortune” on this paper. The fortune must state something positive (no death wishes, etc.)
      3. Have students fold up their papers and place them in a bucket or container.
      4. The teacher should then walk around the room, allowing each student to select a fortune from the bucket.
      5. Each student will then individually read the fortune aloud, identifying the verb(s) in each sentence.

Example: You will win the lottery. Verbs: will win

      They can also identify which are helping verbs, main verbs, and verb tenses.
      6. When all students are finished reading, ask them if they would like to have some REAL fortune cookies. (This is usually greeted with great enthusiasm!) Then distribute a fortune cookie to every student.
    7. Have them break open the cookies and locate the fortune. As they munch on their treat, again have each student read his or her fortune aloud, identifying the verbs.

This lesson can easily be completed in one 40-minute class period. Students don’t need to just identify the verbs. They can also locate any of the parts of speech and even find subjects and predicates. Enjoy!

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