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Here are some lessons for a Speech Unit


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  


Title – Speech Unit
By – John Carino
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 9-12
Note: This unit plan has a copy of my current syllabus in which I have integrated grammar and vocabulary lessons into my speech unit. You needn’t do the same.



Students will use appropriate nonverbal cues such as eye contact and gestures in their speeches.
Students will create a speech that narrates, amuses, or persuades.
The class will create a supportive environment for beginning public speakers.
(Grammar lessons are taught concurrently and are small and self-contained)

Impromptu speeches are small and unrehearsed. These are used for practice. (2-4 per day)
Speeches are prepared and scheduled. They will be given written and verbal feedback.

Sample Schedule

(M) 1/ 28          Present project
                    Model speeches (I prepare two, one humorous and one serious)

                    Brainstorm ideas

(Tu) 1 / 29          Nonverbal communication
                    Improvisation activity (Improv involves random selection of student and topic in a non- threatening manner)

(W) 1 / 30           Impromptu practice
                    Prepare speeches
Grammar lessons (parts of speech)

(Th) 1 / 31           Impromptu practice
                    Grammar lessons

(F) 2 / 1          Vocabulary Lesson 14
                    Final speech prep
                    Grammar lessons

(M) 2 / 4 First group of scheduled speeches (4-5 per day)
                     Grammar lesson (parts of speech cont’d)

(Tu) 2 / 5 Second group of scheduled speeches (4-5 per day)
                     Grammar lesson (review).

(W) 2 / 6          Third group of scheduled speeches
                    Grammar review (if needed)
                    Vocab. Review lesson 14

(Th) 2 / 7          Fourth group of schedule speeches
                    Vocab. review

(F) 2 / 8 Last group of speeches (make-up speeches on Monday)
                     Quiz voc 14 / new words 15

Prepared speech assignment

We will be learning about three types of short speeches: persuasive, narrative, and informative.
Choose one of these three and create a short (3-6 minute) speech.

We will practice this week, using impromptu activities and direct instruction in the finer points of public speaking.

1. Choose one of the following speech topics:

Persuasive Offer a clear and convincing opinion about a social or political issue. Use strong and specific examples to prove your point.

          Informative Explain a process, activity, pastime, sport, hobby, or field of study upon which you are a relative expert. Choose something that you are passionate about. This speech is the “grown-up” version of “show and tell.”

Narrative Tell a story about an influential event in your life. A narrative should revolve around a central theme or forceful conviction.

2. Create a speech and be ready on your scheduled day.

Changes in the schedule may only be made for EMERGENCIES and with parental permission. Rescheculed speeches are done on Monday, February 11th.

A “no-show” without prior warning results in a zero for the project and a call home.

Negative attitude or the slightest creation of an uncomfortable environment for public speaking will result in a call home, a reduction in grade for your own speech, and an office referral.

Your speech may be extemporaneous (you may use a note card). Do not hide behind it!

3. Grading

30 – Presentation (we will work on these)
–eye contact
–open body language
–clear speaking voice

30 – Content

–topic choice
–central point (same as thesis statement)
–use of specifics

40 – Format
–speech is within our 3-6 limit time constraints
–content ties to one of the three types of speech
–content is audience-appropriate

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