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A fun Common and Proper Noun Activity Idea


Language Arts  


5, 6, 7  


Title – Common and Proper Nouns
By – Christine Helwig
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 5-7
This is an active way for students to remember to capitalize proper nouns. First, review the difference between common and proper nouns. Tell students that common nouns are not capitalized and proper nouns are capitalized.
Ask students to sit “prim and proper.” Students will sit up straight and tall. Tell them that proper nouns are “tall”–capitalized.
Ask students to sit their “normal, common way.” Students will slouch a bit in their chairs. Tell students that common nouns are “short”–not capitalized.
Say a few common and proper nouns aloud or have them on the overhead. Ask students to sit like a common noun or sit like a proper noun. Students have fun going up and down in their seats rather than doing a worksheet!

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