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Hamburger Paragraph


Language Arts  


4, 5  

Title – Hamburger Paragraph

By – Traci Moore

Subject – Language Arts

Grade Level – 4-5

Objective: Give students a framework for a good paragraph.


Top Bun= Introduction (Every hamburger needs a top bun, every paragraph needs an introduction.)

Fixings=Details (A hamburger is boring without them, so is a paragraph)

Burger= The “meat” of the paragraph or the facts

Bottom Bun= Conclusion

*The purpose of the bun it to hold the ingredients together (topic and conclding sentences).

*The bun gives you something to grab on to.

*All fixings need to go with the burger– no peanut butter. All the details need to go with the paragraph topic.

*The fixings make the burger unique and interesting. The details make the paragraph unique.

*Burgers can be cooked rare, medium, or well done (How much time are y ou willing to put into the process?)

I put up a hamburger and the parts on the wall in my classroom to remind students that they need all of the parts.

When I teach about the hamburger paragraph, I assign a paragraph and then have students highlight each part of the hamburger paragraph. Then they need to decide where they need more.




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