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This is an interesting idea involving human punctuation marks


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5  


Title – Placing Human Punctuation Marks
By – Patricia Gruver
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Grade 3-5
Objective: To help students to recognize the importance of punctuation and the various uses of punctuation marks within direct quotes.
This also encourages cooperation within a group and self-checking skills.

Materials: 1) Sentence strips prepared with sentence parts on them. Separate the direct quote in the sentence from the other words in the sentence.

Example: Strip #1 Mother said
Strip #2 Will you help me with this

2) 8 – 4×6 Index cards -Make one with a period, a comma (make 2 or 3), quotation marks (make one for the beginning of the quote and a separate one for the end of the quote), a question mark, and an exclamation point.
Process: Choose several students to stand at the front of the classroom holding the sentence strips for one sentence. Have another student choose a card for one of the punctuation marks and stand next to the students with the sentence strips. They are to line up in the order that the sentence would be written on paper. Continue having students choose and place the cards needed for punctuation until the sentence has been completed. Have the class agree or disagree with the placements. Repeat the process with a variety of sentences.

This is a good visual for the entire class and allows many participants.

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