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Here is a lesson that involves identifying complete subjects and predicates


Language Arts  



Title – Complete Subject/Predicate
By – Becky
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 4th

Objective: The student will identify the complete subject and complete predicate in a sentence.

Material: sentence strips; for 2nd-3rd grade use colored sentences strips or different colored marker


    • Write different complete subject parts on sentence strips.

    • Write different predicate parts on sentence strips. They can be simple or complex, depending on grade level.

      If you are integrating the simple subject and the simple predicate, write them in different colored marker.

    • Pass out the sentence strip, faced down.

    • Count down to zero from 3 and have students turn their sentence strip over.

    • They then proceed to side of the classroom which is designated for the complete subject and the complete predicate.

    • Count down to zero from 5. They must stop quickly, get to their spot or if they are not sure where to go, have them sit down and watch. They can try on the next round.

    • The students hold up their sentence strip. The group on the opposite side has to check to see if any one from the opposite side belongs on their side.

Once corrections have been made (by students or teacher) and every one is on their proper side, the teacher will then pick one student from the complete subject part to join up with one student from the complete predicate part, in the front of the room. You can use another student to stand between them with a yard stick to indicate the line dividing the CS from the CP.

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