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Students are missing word detectives in this shared reading lesson


Language Arts  


PreK, K  

Title – Shared Reading – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
By – Danielle Caryl
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – PreK-K

Shared Reading Lesson:
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
By Laura Joffe Numeroff

The student will:

  • understand concepts of print (such as left to right, top to bottom).
  • participate in reading along with the teacher.
  • enjoy sharing a predictable book.
  • use knowledge of the book to figure out missing words.
  • use his/her knowledge of how pictures and words work together to tell a story to find missing words to a text.


      1. The teacher will read the title and give a book introduction.


      2. The teacher will take a book walk with the child and model behaviors children might use when introducing a book to themselves.


      3. The teacher will read the story aloud.


      4. The teacher will read the story with the child one more time, this time telling the child that they will need to pay close attention to the sequence and words used, as some words will be taken away in the next reading.


      5. The teacher will go through the story and discreetly put Post-It notes over one word every page or so.


      6. The teacher will re-read the story and ask the student to identify the covered word. If the student has difficulty, tell the student to play “Detective” and ask what they can do to figure the word out (use the picture for clues).


      7. The teacher will pull off the Post-It over the word when the child has guessed it.


      8. The teacher will ask the student what they think makes a good reader.


    9. If not already stated by the child, the teacher will state that a good reader is a reader that uses the clues from the sentences and the pictures to figure out words that they do not know.


      Through observation, determine:


      1) Did the child correctly guess the covered word?


      2) Was the child able to figure out the covered words using the clues from the sentence as well as the clues from the pictures?


    3) Was the child able to identify characteristics of a good reader?

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