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Here the bookGo Away Big, Green Monsteris used to introduce adjectives


Language Arts  



Title – Teach Describing Words
By – Mina Bellia
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1

Book: Go Away Big, Green Monster

    by Ed Emberley


    This is a great book with describing words on each page. The illustrations are die-cuts, and kids absolutely love it.


      Students will identify describing words on each page of the story


      Students will help the teacher create a chart of all the words


    Students will draw their own monster and write a sentence with 2 describing words


  • Introduce describing words to the class.
  • Introduce the book; ask students which words in the title are describing words (big, green).
  • Tell students you will read the book twice; first, so they can hear the story, and again so they can look for describing words.
  • Read story.
  • Make a chart on the board or on large chart paper labeled describing words, you could also separate the words by color, shape, size, etc.
  • Go through the story again (only the first half is really necessary) and have children raise hands to tell you what word they see. Write all the words on the chart.
  • Introduce assignment: Tell students they will now get to create their own monster and write one sentence that has 2 describing words for their monster – I used paper that was half blank, half lined.
  • Give examples or show one that you have made Ex: My monster is pink and hairy. Keep giving examples until everyone understands.
  • Have student go to their seats and do assignment independently.

Final Notes:

  • This lesson takes about 45 minutes to read the book and do the assignment.
  • You can have the students share also.

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