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“Label Tables” is the name of this interesting Vocabulary Building Activity


Language Arts  


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Title – Label Tables
By – Dan Trevor
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1-3

Label Tables

This is one of the best of vocabulary building activities I found in “The Reading Teacher” that my students enjoy doing. It is suitable for small groups at the self concepting stage of the word identification and reading development continuum. I provide a box of items for my student and also have them bring in some items from home that they would like to learn how to spell. Each student or group of students then selects 4-5 of these objects. For example, pencil, paper, book, or chalk can be used. Then I write the names of the items on 3X5 cards. Each child or group of students then has the task of matching the items to the words on the cards. After they have practiced matching the words to the objects I have the students play matching games with each other. Here one student will take away one label and the other student has to find which one is missing by matching the other cards to their objects. Now students can either switch tables to go master another set of words or add words to their label table. Once all the students feel comfortable with the words you can set up a bingo game using the words and objects for review.

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