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This is a letter “B” lesson


Language Arts  


PreK, K  

Title – Beginning Sounds
By – Christine Venditti
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – PreK-K


    Students will be able to identify pictures/items with the beginning sound of the letter “B”.


    ELA Standards 1, 2, 3 and 5


  • Alphatales book for the letter Bb – Bubble Bear
  • Different items that begin with the letter B (box, ball, block, bubbles, etc.); also have items that start with different letters
  • Brown bag
  • Chart paper


  1. Talk about the letter “B” and its sound.
  2. Read the story Bubble Bear .
  3. Make a picture/word web for the letter “B”.
  4. If the children have trouble, remind them of the sound that the letter “B” makes.
  5. Go back to the pictures in the story. Show the children the pictures and ask, “What is this a picture of?” They say “bunny”. Make the sound “/b/, /b/, bunny”. If the child says cat, you say “/c/, /c/, cat. Does that have the same sound as /b/, /b/?”


    Have the students choose an object from the bag. Say its name. Ask the student if they hear the sound /b/. If it matches the sound, then add the picture to the web, if it is not there.


  1. Students can sort objects into a container by the beginning sound. One container will have the letter b on it and the other a picture of a garbage can.
  2. Students can also draw a picture of something that begins with the sound /b/.

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