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This is a lesson on letter formats


Language Arts  


7, 8, 9  

   Language Arts
Friendly Letters
by Tonenikea D. Wilson
Grade Level: 7th - 8th

Major Objective:

*To write a friendly letter with a proper heading, salutation, body, closing, and signature.

*To compose, type, edit, and print letters using word processing.

*To produce a finished friendly letter.


*Multiple Computers; printer

*Software:  Word Processing

Time Required: 3 Class Periods

Activities and Procedures:

*Ask the students to write to a fiend in the class. Tell him or her about what is going on in their life.

*Have the students to read over their letters and look for mistakes made in writing such as run-ons, sentence fragments, subjcet-verb agreement, punctuation, etc…

*Have the students key their letters into the computer, print out drafts, and make corrections.


*Distribute the letters to their classmates and have them read their letters out loud.

Additional Notes:

If Special Education students cannot compose on paper, they can relate their letters orally. Teacahers, aides, or parent volunteer can help them type their letters into the computer.

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