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In this alphabet writing activity, students discover “letters” in a bottle


Language Arts  


PreK, K  

Title – Find A Letter
By – Terri McCarthy
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – PreK-K


  • 6 old water bottles or small soda bottles
  • 3 containers of salt
  • 100 plastic letter tiles (can be purchased)
  • hot glue gun
  • paper divided into 4 boxes
  • pencils


  • First, make sure the bottles are clean and dry. Next, fill the bottles half way up with salt and add about 15 letter tiles in each bottle. Then, finish filling up each bottle. Finally, hot glue the top on so the kids cannot open the bottles.
  • To introduce the bottles, shake one of them up and then roll it on it’s side. As you roll the bottle, you will find many letters. Have the kids choose 4 letters and write one letter in each box.
  • I vary the activity according to each child’s skill. To make this game more advanced, I have the kids draw a picture of something that begins with the letters they chose.
  • To really challenge the kids, I ask them to try to sound out a word and write it in the box.
  • This activity can grow with your kids in a literacy center throughout the year.

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