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This lesson uses flashcards to learn letter recognition and reading


Language Arts  



Title – Letter Recognition and Intro to Reading
By – Assonta Wagner
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – PreK

3×5 index cards (26)with a box to hold them
One Book (that you don’t mind marking up)
Old newspapers and print ads
Safety scissors
Glue Stick

First have the child make his own flashcard by writing the letter learned in uppercase and lowercase on the 3×5 card. Then have him cut out pictures that begin with that letter and glue them to the card.

Review the sound the letter makes and the pictures.

Next, begin reading the book with the child; and letting him use the highlighter, allow the child to highlight the “featured” letter each time he recognizes and points it.

I don’t worry about him finding all of the letters on the page, I just ask him to find at least three per page.

I know this is really for one-on-one teaching, but I thought it might come in handy for children who are having a hard time with letters. Or for homeschooling parents like me.

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