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In this Lesson, Students Create a Literary Elements Advance Organizer


Language Arts  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Literary Elements Advance Organizer
By – Kimberly Steele
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 4-8
Duration: 20 minutes


This is an advance organizer I created for a unit on literary elements


The goal is to familiarize students with the correct terminology of literary elements before starting the unit.


The students will become familiar with literary elements, drawing on previous experience and knowledge (schema) while looking at and discussing an advance organizer.


  1. Literary Elements Advance Organizer at
    (Transparency and/or a copy for each student)
  2. Overhead projector
  3. Vis-A-Vis pens


  1. Show the students the transparency of the Literary Elements Advance Organizer.
  2. Discuss each literary element, encouraging participation from the class — draw on their prior knowledge and experience.
    1. Characters
      1. Main character(s)
      2. Minor characters
    2. Setting
      1. When
      2. Where
    3. Conflict
      1. Person vs. person
      2. Person vs. nature
      3. Person vs. society
      4. Person vs. self
    4. Theme
      1. Central idea or message
      2. Possibly a lesson or moral
      3. Sounds like a fortune cookie message
  3. Keep a copy of the Literary Elements Organizer visible in the classroom and refer it to throughout the unit.


The assessment will not come until the end of the unit when students are asked to identify the literary elements of a piece of literature.

Useful Internet Resources:

Literary Web made with Inspiration software at Synapse Adaptive
(I chose this to share this site rather than the official Inspiration site because the page loads faster and in a larger screen.)

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